halda tripmaster minimeter.jpg (114130 bytes)
Halda Tripmaster/Minimeter. Virtually the same as a Tripmaster but only records up to 99.99 miles/kilometers. Hence price.
Second hand 
Price 350.00
halda speedpilot mk 5 - morley 9.jpg (155704 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot mk. V ex. Earl Morley, of 
Morley brother works BMC fame.
New Old Stock
Price 750.00
halda t gear 1 to 1.jpg (69067 bytes)
T gear - 1:1 for turning drive through 90 degrees
New & second hand
From 165.00
halda_tgear.jpg (29647 bytes)
T gear - required with cable and clips to fit any of the above to car.
New & second hand
From 125.00
halda t gear - early type.jpg (115459 bytes)
T gear - early type.
second hand
From 125.00
bentley ati speedo 5.jpg (120128 bytes) 
T gear - bespoke for individual cars, i.e. pre war.
From 250.00
gearbox splitter.jpg (50952 bytes)
Rare gearbox splitter for driving Halda or similar. 
One in two out 1:1 ratio with 22mm x 1.5 threaded unions.
Second hand             
Price 125.00 
halda drive pins.jpg (35751 bytes)
Halda drive pins 
Please specify 2.7mm or 3mm and length
Price 3.00 each
halda drive pin adaptors.jpg (189704 bytes)
Halda drive pin adaptors, various POA
halda cable clip fitting.jpg (11550 bytes)
Cables, (clip fitting) from 30.00
halda cable screw fitting.jpg (29282 bytes)
Cables (screw fitting) to order
halda clips.jpg (15238 bytes)

Halda clips
Price 4.50 each
halda_gears.jpg (29999 bytes)
Halda calibration gears Price 18.00 each
 or exchange (2 returned for 1 new + p&p)
halda gears.jpg (101053 bytes)
Halda gear exchange on a 2 for 1 basis + p&p
halda gear case.jpg (32582 bytes)
Halda gear case complete with a full set of gears (i.e. 33 x "X" and 9 x "Z" gears - perfect copy of original Halda gear case.       ASK

 halda gear case and carrier.jpg (192344 bytes)
Halda replica gear case and carrier. 
Second hand

halda tripmaster twinmaster bracket in stainless steel.jpg (62462 bytes)
Halda Tripmaster / Twinmaster mounting bracket in stainless steel. 
Price 15.00
halda speedpilot bracket in stainless steel.jpg (23457 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot mounting bracket in stainless steel. 
Price 25.00
 halda speedpilot bracket and U clamps in stainless steel.jpg (42951 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot mounting bracket in stainless steel. 
Price 30.00
 halda speedpilot U clamps in stainless steel.jpg (9715 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot "U" clamps in stainless steel. 
Price 12.00
halda speedpilot retaining knurled nuts.jpg (72889 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot knurled nuts (x4) 
Price 18.00
      halda speedpilot bulb.jpg (18958 bytes)halda twinmaster bulb.jpg (28425 bytes)
Spare bulbs for Halda Tripmaster / 
Price 3.50 each
Spare bulbs for Halda Speedpilot
Price 3.50 each
halda_instructions.jpg (34426 bytes)
Halda Twinmaster and Tripmaster fitting (125Kb)
speedpilot calc.jpg (83536 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot Excel calculator (requires MS Excel) (15Kb)
halda calc.jpg (130683 bytes)
Halda Twinmaster and Tripmaster Excel calibration programme (requires MS Excel)
halda_speedpilot_instructions.jpg (36514 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot