enots aston style quick release filler cap - 3 3-8 with flange 1.jpg (124501 bytes)
Enots Aston type quick release fuel cap - chrome over brass. Cap diameter - 3 3/8" 
Flange diameter 4 1/4" 
Neck diameter 2 1/2"

Second hand
Price 125.00 
 enots chrome aston type petrol cap - 3 inch - 1.jpg (114607 bytes)
Enots 3" Aston flip type petrol cap. Chrome over brass. 2 1/2" x 16tpi thread.
Second hand 
Price 50.00 

k&r replicas healey 2754dk.jpg (175152 bytes)
K&R replicas 1:43 kit - Austin Healey Rally car - "2754 DK" - KRRL34. No longer available from K&R

Price 35.00 

silverline anti freeze tester.jpg (123782 bytes)
Silverline Anti-freeze tester.

Price 8.00 
duco - brown brothers divers helmet light 1.jpg (66543 bytes)
Duco / Brown brothers divers helmet light in excellent condition. 3" diameter. Twin contact socket. please note crack to red lens
Second hand 
Price 165.00
enots aston style quick release filler cap aluminium - three three eighth 1.jpg (113940 bytes)
Enots 3 3/8" Aston flip type petrol cap. Aluminium. 2 3/4" x 16tpi thread.
Second hand 
Price 55.00 
vickers fuel cock a.jpg (60490 bytes)
Vickers fuel cock as used on WWII aircraft including Spitfire, Hurricane etc. Looks new or possible AM refurbished. 3 1/4" diameter, 1/4" BSP fittings
Second hand 
Price 285.00 
smiths oil temp gauge nos 1.jpg (191272 bytes)
Smiths oil temperature gauge. Recently checked over by gauge specialist. 84" capillary tube and bulb.
New Old Stock
Price 90.00
am cockpit light 5c366 brass 1.jpg (108648 bytes)
Air Ministry (AM) WWII cockpit light - 5C/366 in Brass
Second hand 
Price 65.00   
avanti_mapworks.jpg (36067 bytes)
Avanti works type map light. 14" long. As used on works Minis etc.
Second hand 
Price 125.00
air-flow bakelite car demister 6v and box.jpg (159028 bytes)
Air-flow bakelite screen demister in original box - 6v
New Old Stock.
Price 65.00
lucas night day dimmer switch.jpg (201173 bytes)
Rare Lucas night / day panel dimmer switch. Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Jaguar.
Second hand 
Price 85.00
terratrip 202 plus.jpg (264250 bytes)
Terratrip 202 Plus,  Two distance displays (total up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99) Speed Indication.
Second hand 
Price 175.00 
hebdomas 8 day military clock.jpg (325603 bytes)
Hebdomas WWII military clock, 76mm diameter , Swiss Made.
Second hand 
Price 350.00
airway compass.jpg (86185 bytes)
Air Way compass with correction adjustment and built in light..
Second hand 
Price 25.00 
billard counter - l van laere bruxelles.jpg (58402 bytes)
Billiard Score Counter, by L.Van Laere, Bruxelles, 210mm long
Second hand 
Price 275.00 
heuer montecarlo 2 button - 090117.jpg (180874 bytes)
Heuer MonteCarlo stopwatch - chrome case and backing plate - late 60s.
Second hand 
Price 1,250.00
 period poti 2.jpg (165651 bytes)
Vintage "Poti" as used by works teams in the early 60's. Mini Sport decal.
Second hand 
Price 65.00